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Eolas (Educator's Open source Learning Administration System) is an Open Source Software project (OSS). The Eolas project's goal is to create a user-friendly, personal content management system for teachers of all levels. Eolas will also provide added functionality, allowing users to convert their documents to different formats, thereby enhancing accessibility and the learning experience.

Design Features

Universal Design

Eolas borrows the architectural concept of Universal Design . It attempts to provide an easy way for nontechnical users to provide documents in different formats. For example, a text document can be converted to speech and saved as a sound file.


Eolas aims to be usable by users with limited computer skills, right up to computing experts. It is written in Visual Basic .Net, the most widely used Basic language.


Eolas will be available in as many languages as our volunteers can translate it to. The initial launch of Eolas provides English and a partial translation into Irish (Gaeilge)

About Eolas

  • Eolas is a personal open source content management system for teachers. Furthermore it provides accessibility features that can be retroactively applied to documents.

  • Eolas began life as a preject as part of a Master's Degree in Computing in Education. It is now attempting to become a fully fledged OSS

  • Eolas is also the Irish (Gaeilge) word for knowledge


Eolas is currently looking for developers. It is at alpha stage.

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